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More and more these days, fuel efficiency is a factor when planning a trip. Here are our Top 10 Tips For Saving Fuel when leaving on a caravaning holiday.

  1. Plan your route well. Remember that the shortest route is not always the cheapest!
  2. Travel in dead of night, or dawn … and the road is all yours!
  3. If you find yourself in stationary traffic, turn off the engine.
  4. Remember that the top-box significantly increases fuel consumption! Try to get everything inside the caravan.
  5. Try to maintain a constant speed, but don’t use cruise control. Cruise control is reactive, so lost momentum on inclines is made up for with big throttle inputs!
  6. Do not fill reservoirs immediately upon departure, fill only what is necessary for the trip.
  7. The weight increases consumption, on average per additional 100 kg increases by 0.3 litres.
  8. Tires with low pressure (- 0.2 bar) increase fuel consumption by 10%.
  9. Use a wind deflector. The idea behind this fuel-saving aid is that it deflects the wind up and away from the caravan’s bluff front end.
  10. Keep your speed down. At higher speeds, wind resistance is the main killer to fuel economy. At around 80km/h a vehicle’s wind resistance will overtake rolling resistance as the chief source of drag. Cruising at around 90-95km/h in 100km/h or 110km/h zones will not make you a dangerous road block for other road users and your vehicle will use less fuel than if you go faster. But be sensible about this; if you notice you have a long line of vehicles behind you on a single-lane road, do everyone a favour by pulling over and letting the traffic pass.